Light SisterZ

The Light SisterZ, Dumebi (left) Teaira (right)

The Light SisterZ, Dumebi (left) Teaira (right)

We are, Teaira and Dumebi, global spiritual nomads who enjoy spreading our signature brand of joy and light across the world, and leaving a wake of shimmer in our path.

While we're not biological sisters, we are soul sisters, bound by a common love for seeing people instill and activate their personal spiritual power.

Together we offer a holistic approach to mind, body and soul connection through a range of in-person and online classes, workshops and world wide retreats. The focus of our work is deepening spirituality and bringing healing, by using a variety of tools such as energy work, dream interpretation, and numerology. At the core of our work is ancestral healing, specifically from African descent, to help kings and queens access their truth, understand their ancestral roots, activate self-healing and discover their spiritual purpose.

Spirituality crosses cultural boundaries, and we emit a globally inclusive energy. We bring a mix of West African, North American and Southeast Asian cultural influences to our practices and are continually trotting around the globe to seek spirituality beyond any pre-set religious or national borders. Equally comfortable in Bali as in the San Francisco Bay Area, we seek authentic spirituality wherever, and however it may present itself. 

Teaira earned her first Bachelors of Science Degree in Child and Family Studies from Ohio University and has a background working as both a teacher and a mental health counselor. She is currently a PhD Candidate in the field of Alternative Counseling and holds additional certifications in Numerology, Theta Healing, and specializes in Dream Interpretations. 

Dumebi has a background in both education and engineering, earning her first Bachelors of Science Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio University. She is currently a PhD Candidate in the field of Alternative Counseling and holds additional certifications in Reiki, Theta Healing, and specializes in both Past Life and Ancestral Healing.  

We are excited to share our personal journeys with you more and learn about you as we dive into this experience. Until then, we have some day by day laughs and positivity we share on social media. Instagram- @LightSisterZ

Blessings and Light,

Light SisterZ

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Enlightened Munch

Enlightened Munch: Nutrition Coaching and Food Experiences, Lacou Flipse

Enlightened Munch: Nutrition Coaching and Food Experiences, Lacou Flipse

Lacou Flipse is a nutritionist and energy healing practitioner she is passionate about illuminating the divine in all and helping people access their power through nourishing food experiences. 

Inspired by her desire to transform her trauma into tranquility, she was drawn to the field of nutrition and energy mastery to first heal and then use those tools to help others.  

Throughout high school and into college Lacou struggled with a binge-restrict eating disorder. For years her relationship with food was that of anxiety, depression and shame. It felt as though there was an insatiable void that could only be met by binging.  During her sophomore year, she had her first taste of mindful eating; this practice completely changed the course of her life. For the first time in years, she felt a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment and resounding comfort in what she ate. More importantly, there was a deepened sense of connectedness to her body, breath and the absence of anxiety and shame.  

This moment captivated Lacou and she began eating all of her meals mindfully, the sensation was that of returning home, returning back to herself. Through these experiences, Lacou began to slowly heal her relationship to food. That journey transformed her relationship to herself, bringing back her power and allowed her to access and step into her life purpose.  

Many have the insatiable void we try to fill with a number of things, food, substances, being busy, etc. when what we're truly looking for is often a deeper connection to our divine selves so that we can access our life purpose. 

Lacou's journey to healing inspired her to create her nutrition practice, Enlightened Munch, where she uses a nourishing and compassionate approach to nutrition coaching and food experiences to guide others towards their intrinsic joy and life purpose.

Bachelors of Science in Dietetics - San Francisco State University

Theta Healing Practitioner

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